2018 Game Preview: Ohio State vs Washington, Rose Bowl - Ohio State Preview: On the final playoff rankings of the regular season, Ohio State won the Big Ten Championship, but it was not enough to move them ahead of Oklahoma, who defeated Texas to win the Big 12 Championship, and Georgia, who came close to beating Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Ohio State remained at 6, being left out of
Game 13 Recap: Ohio State 45 – Northwestern 24 - Recap Leading up to the game, Ohio State playoff chances hinged on the results from the Big 12 Championship Game and the SEC Championship Game. Oklahoma revenged its only loss of the season to Texas, which Ohio State needed Texas to win that game, and Alabama beat Georgia, but were trailing in the 4th quarter and were a bad fake
Week 14 Predictions – 2018 - Last Week:  For a record breaking seventh straight time the Buckeyes defeated the team up north. The 62-39 final is the most ever scored in any game in this rivalry and the most any team has EVER scored against Michigan in a regulation game. That also makes 14 wins in the past 15 meetings with Maize and Blue. It also means
Who’s In? - Tonight, the College Football Playoff Committee will release their penultimate rankings for the college football playoff. This past weekend, 3 teams in the top 10 lost, including #4 Michigan, #7 LSU, and #8 Washington State, while #9 UCF won, but lost their starting quarterback McKenzie Milton due to a leg injury against USF. The top 3 should remain unchanged with
2018 Game Preview: Ohio State vs Northwestern, Big 10 Championship Game - Ohio State Preview: Ohio State gets to play one more game thanks to their dominating performance against Michigan. They won by 23 points, but it really wasn’t that close, and Michigan scored on their last few positions in garbage time. The Ohio State team that showed up on Saturday is the team many fans were wanting to see the rest of
Game 12 Recap: Ohio State 62 – Michigan 39 - Recap Ohio State came into the game as an underdog. A lot of the experts had pegged them to lose this game, and for a rational part of the Buckeye Faithful based on this seasons performances, there was not a lot Ohio State has shown this season to calm those doubters. And then the game started, and after the first
Week 13 Predictions – 2018 - Last Week:  OSU won a hard fought contest against Maryland to earn a road win 52-51 in overtime. Dwayne Haskins again led the offense with 405 yards passing, 3 passing TD’s to go along with 3 rushing TD’s. For those out there that say OSU doesn’t have a running game, JK Dobbins contributed 203 yards rushing Unfortunately the Buckeyes continue tread
2018 Game Preview: Ohio State vs Michigan - THE Game. That’s all you simply need to say. The famous quote that a picture is worth a thousand words, the phrase “The Game” brings up countless stories, memories, emotions, plays, victories, and defeats. This is where the Ohio State and Michigan rivalry transcends every other rivalry. It is more than the 10 year war with Woody and Bo, the Toledo War, Archie,
Game 11 Recap: Ohio State 52 – Maryland 51 - Recap Last week, Ohio State and Michigan State battled it out in a traditional Big Ten game, with punts and field position playing a factor in the outcome. This week, both teams might as well have been Big 12 teams with the amount of yardage and points scored in this match up. This was not the type of performance Ohio
Week 12 Predictions – 2018 - Last Week:  The Buckeyes did what they needed to do to keep all their preseason goals in front of them.  The 26-6 victory over the Spartans keeps fate in their own hands for winning the Big Ten East and heading to Indianapolis to face the West division winner, Northwestern,  It also keeps their hopes alive for a playoff spot, but they will





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