Welcome Coach Holtmann - The task of following a legend is never an easy one and that’s the exactly what Chris Holtmann has in front of him as he officially took the post of head coach of the Ohio State men’s basketball program on Monday. Coach Holtmann will take the reins from Thad Matta, the all time winningest basketball coach in Ohio State history,
The Grind for Perfection - There are times throughout the day where I think back to last season’s Ohio State run to the National Championship and can’t help but smile. It was a season that couldn’t be scripted any better. It was a season where we beat the number one and number two seed with a team led by a third string quarterback. It was
Sound of Rushing Water (When JUST Being Undefeated Isn’t Enough) - Sailors on submarines are taught to run immediately to the sound of rushing water.  Makes obvious sense to me. Rush to the problem and fix it before it becomes too big, too serious and untenable. Stop and listen closely to our football program; you will be able to hear the faint but definite sound of water rushing into our “ship.”
Fickle About Fickell - Buckeye Blastphemy To close friends, I have uttered a thought that is akin to Buckeye heresy.  My thought is that Luke Fickell, our much beloved player, assistant coach and now Defensive Coordinator, MAY NOT have the “right stuff.”  Remember the operative words here are, “MAY NOT” as compared to definitive forms such as “does not.” CAVEATS: •I know it is
Just The Facts - Saturday’s 31-16 victory over Central Florida ended at 3:13pm. In the college fan bases for the other 123 FBS schools, they would be pleased and would be heading to the local greasy spoon by 3:15 for some post game wings and fries. That is just not Buckeye Nation, we are never satisfied. The excitement of the Meyer hire has caused
Reality Check Time - Ohio State may be in for a bit of a rougher ride this year than many of the Buckeye faithful expect.  Urban will probably right the ship in his second year, but too many things concern me about this 2012 team. The Buckeye defense that I hear some fans boasting as one of the best in the nation – I’m
Arrest Warrant - I have just decided the one last act I want to see before the complete end of the Jim Tressel era is to perform a citizen’s arrest of Jim Bollman for defrauding taxpayers of the state of Ohio for his salary and any bonus monies received.  My basis for this arrest: •As far as I can tell he has done
I Was Right With This Week’s Prediction - Why My Prediction Was Right (against Toledo) and Why We Should Not Worry For those of you surprised about the game against Toledo, don’t be.  This is EXACTLY what I expected.  I even called this, as my exact quote from my pre-game predictions against AKRON suggests: “OSU by 8 in a low scoring game.  Yes, 8!  I think our QB